Is It Possible To Actually
Enjoy Small-Talk
And Turn “One-Off” Conversations
Into Lasting Relationships?
The Answer Is “Yes!” – When You Follow My Paint-by-Numbers System That Consistently Turns “Small-Talk Strangers”
Into Meaningful And Lasting Relationships

From the office of
AJ Harbinger
Founder of Art of Charm

Dear friend,

I’m sure you’ve heard the self-help truisms like “You are the average of your 5 closest friends”…

Or “The quality of your life is directly in proportion to the quality of your relationships”…

And if you’re anything like me – A self-admitted closet introvert…

You know that meeting new people would lead to a better quality of life…

(When You Don’t Have A Plan)

And if there’s anything I’ve learned over the last 14+ years working with thousands of clients on their social skills…

It’s that we all have preconceived ideas about what holds us back from confidently communicating with new people:

  • Maybe it’s because you didn’t have the best high school experience – and inner game issues keep you from approaching or letting your true authentic self shine through
  • Maybe it’s because you’re not the best at reading social cues – and have bad associations with people in the past rejecting you
  • ​Or maybe it’s because you always run out of things to say in conversations – or they always seem boring and you don’t know where you’re going wrong

If any of these sound like you, trust me, you’re not alone!


Most Of Us 
Were Never Taught “The Right” Social Skills!

Now I don’t know why high school teachers teach us about mitosis, trigonometry, and Huckleberry Finn floating down a river…

Instead of how to communicate effectively, meet new people, and turn them into friends or intimate relationships…

But what if I told you there’s a system you can learn to confidently communicate with new people and easily turn them into lasting friendships?

What if I told you there’s a bunch of easy tactics you can use to instantly crank up your charisma and flip social anxiety into a new-found excitement that lights up the room?

Now if someone told me this back in my “closet introvert days” I’d think it was a pipe dream.

But after working with thousands of clients in our social bootcamps, testing and trying out hundreds of tactics over the years…

I’ve Created A Proven System That ANYONE Can Use To Confidently Communicate With New People

Taking all the best strategies from our $6,000 programs, and turning them into a step by step video training that you can use from the privacy of your own home.

Giving you simple strategies to approach effectively, develop better social skills, and have more interesting and meaningful conversations.
And since releasing Charismatic Conversations back in 2014, I’ve been so grateful to see results like these:

"Before going through Charismatic Conversations I was anxious and constantly worried about what other people thought of me. I wasn’t confident in conversations at all. Thank god for this course, because now I know how to approach people in all social situations and it enabled me to be myself. Thank you soooo much!”

- Sammy, Switzerland

“Before joining Charismatic Conversations, I was totally uncomfortable making small talk with strangers and even my colleagues at work. The amazing content in this course pushed me out of my comfort zone and now I do things out of my wildest dreams! Developing rapport has never been easier. I feel so fortunate to find these hacks for charisma!”

– Rohan, Texas

”My experience with Charisma Conversations has been incredible and one of the top 5 experiences of my life. The accountability exercises we did forced me to confront my fears and get out there. While I had a good job and a small circle or loyal longtime friends, I still felt lonely more often than not. After recently moving across the country I was not able to meet any friends because of my shyness and lack of charisma. I am now no longer self-conscious about speaking in front of people, and expressing my true self”

- Susan, Texas


Charismatic Conversations
Charismatic Conversations
A Proven System For Confidently Communicating
With New People And Turning Them Into Lasting Relationships
No matter if you’re an introvert, weren’t the most popular kid in high school, or straight up hate small talk…

Charismatic Conversations will walk you through the exact process to creating more meaningful conversations and building better relationships with like-minded people.

Specifically designed with action items and tasks every step of the way, with both internal mindsets and social strategies to upgrade your conversation skills the very next time you go out!
When you buy today, you’ll get immediate access to the entire program (viewable anytime & anywhere), so you can start working through day one right away, and go as fast or as slow as you’d like depending on your schedule.

Here’s How We’ll Upgrade
Your Social Skills Together:

Section 1: Small Talk Mastery – 
And How To Make Sure It’s Never “Small”
First, I’ll give you a complete overview of what Small Talk Mastery is and how to spark a conversation fast without being awkward or bored by idle chit chat.

Then we’ll dive into why most conversations DIE in the first 90 seconds because they don’t get past “the dreaded small talk”.
We’ll also cover things like:
  • 4 Free Apps you can use to find events with successful people that have similar commonalities – Creating a full social calendar with exciting events and new potential friends as often as you’d like
  • My 3 Best Conversation Starters – With examples for starting conversations at events and one-on-one
  • Decoding 5 Nonverbal body language tactics you can use to “fake it til you make it” and be more naturally confident
  • And the 4 components of a magnetic first impression and how to apply them in ANY situation
Then, once you’ve mastered small talk, it’s time to move on to creating…
Section 2: Compelling Conversations
Did you know the average person engages in 27 conversations a day?!

With all those opportunities it’s important to know how to transition into “deeper levels” of conversation, and the perfect balance between attentive listening and coming across too intense.
So in section 2 we’ll cover things like:
  • How instantly engage people and get them to do most the heavy lifting in the conversation – Giving you more confidence to open up and be yourself
  • My “Homerun Hypothesis” which explains why most people close off when meeting new people (And a simple tactic that turns acquaintances into life long partners with ease)
  • 4 conversation hacks to keep in your back pocket if you run out of things to say or things get stale
  • ​And a simple strategy to never fall into the boring interview conversation again – And how to get out of it if someone else sucks you into the question train…
With all the learnings and exercises, after section 2 you’ll be well on your way to upgraded social skills and a better social life.

But we won’t stop there! Next it’s time to take things even deeper by learning…
Section 3: Advanced Conversation Strategies
Through advanced persuasion tactics and a better understanding of human psychology, Section 3 is all about diving deep into what makes people tick…

And using people’s deepest desires to get them more invested in you, and choosing the cream of the crop to be your closest friends.
You’ll also learn things like:
  • Why it’s actually good to hold back some information when you’re getting to know someone – And how to do it without coming across like your hiding something
  • The 3 types of low value behavior that give away your power and signal that you don’t belong (And what you need to be doing instead!)
  • The 9 “Emotional Bids” that people transmit to you subconsciously and how to take advantage of them to build rapport fast
  • ​And my “google rule” for injecting emotion in your conversations and build deeper connections with everyone you meet
In Section 3 you’ll be getting some of our most potent tactics from our multi thousand dollar bootcamps!

But it doesn’t end there, because next you’re going to learn how to…
Section 4: Inject Fear, Stories,
and Humor In Your Conversations
Section 4 is all about harnessing our most primal instincts, by learning how to use stories, fear, and humor to create even more engaging conversations.
You’ll learn things like:
  • The “Walt Disney Method” for telling stories that captivate your audience – Even if it’s an audience of one
  • Where approach anxiety comes from – And how a technique developed in the concentration camps of Auschwitz can obliterate “AA” for good
  • How to use humor to make people more comfortable around you – without turning into a dancing monkey or try-hard
  • ​And even how to build a massive social circle without lowering your standards or needing to go to boring networking events every single week
By the end of Section 4 you’ll not only have better social skills, but more charisma, confidence, and clarity about what makes people tick, and know exactly what you need to do to build the ultimate social circle.

With dozens of action items to help you push your comfort zone, apply what you’ve learned and get you out there seeing real world results after the very first video!

Real World Results Are One Step Away!

Real World Results Are One Step Away!

Imagine going to a networking event and bringing home more numbers than you can handle.

Where every conversation was easy. You felt comfortable. The topics were interesting. And people were asking YOU for your contact details or going out for a lunch.

Imagine what that would do for not only your social life, but your career, income, and happiness…

And it doesn’t stop there, imagine how that will impact your love life, having complete choice in who you surround yourself with, and finally cutting out those toxic people who are holding you back.

It’s all possible when you join Charismatic Conversations today, and join hundreds of customers who’ve seen results just like this!

Here’s Everything You Get
When You Join Charismatic Conversations Today

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Charismatic Conversations Today

When you join today, you’ll get immediate access to the entire video program, housed inside our private members area.

The course is broken down into 4 easy to digest modules, with entertaining, insightful videos walking you step-by-step through every phase towards upgrading your channel.

With tasks to complete at the end of every day, and added resources if you want to go more in depth into any topic.

To get started now, click the big red button, and join me inside Conversations Hacks today!


Get $494 In Valuable Bonuses FREE When You Take Action Today!!

Get $494 In Valuable Bonuses FREE When You Take Action Today!!

BONUS #1: The Ultimate Body Language Training
($97 Value)

93% of communication is non-verbal, so if you don’t have this mastered you’ll be missing out on a HUGE part of what people respond to.

Which is why, for a limited time, when you buy Charismatic Conversations today you’ll also get FREE access to my Ultimate Body Language Training.

You’ll learn how to situate yourself in any social environment so people naturally open up to you. 

Plus some of my favorite body language hacks and poses that instantly make you feel more comfortable and confident in ANY situation.

It’s all yours, FREE when you join Charismatic Conversations today.

Bonus #2: Magnetic
First Impressions 
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When you join today you’ll also get our Magnetic First Impressions Training absolutely free.

In this training you’ll learn how to imprint your personality on everyone you meet.

Even if it’s just a quick conversation, this strategy has been proven to have people remembering your face days, months, even years later!

I’ll show you how to get THEM doing all the talking, investing deeper into the conversation and get them leaving thinking “Wow, that was a really interesting person!”

Bonus #3: The Art of Charm Community 
($300 Value)

And finally, when you buy today, you’ll also gain access to our exclusive “AoC Community.”

This is NOT some boring, dead Facebook group where no one ever comments, instead you’re getting VIP access to our private community specifically designed to connect like-minded creators like yourself.

Here’s your chance to socialize, ask questions, and get feedback on text messages, social experiments and more from people who are committed to their social success!

But the ONLY way to access this group, is joining The Charismatic Conversations program before this special bonus period is over!



  • Charismatic Conversations Video Course – Lifetime Access ($597 Value)
  • ​Bonus #1 – The Ultimate Body Language Guide ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #2 – Magnetic First Impressions ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #3 – The Art of Charm Community ($300 Value)

Total Value: $1,091
You Get It All Today For:


(That's almost 90% Off!)

  • Charismatic Conversations Video Course – Lifetime Access ($597 Value)
  • ​Bonus #1 – The Ultimate Body Language Guide ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #2 – Magnetic First Impressions ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #3 – The Art of Charm Community ($300 Value)


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I believe in this course so much, I’m including a no questions asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This gives you a full month to try out the program, apply each step…

And if you don’t see a tangible, visible increase in your conversational skills within 30 days of buying this course, I’ll send you 100% of your money back.

No questions asked, no hoops to jump through. Just make an honest attempt at applying the material, and I will literally guarantee your success!
You Get It All For Just $297!

The time to get started is NOW! 

With my 30 Day 100% money-back guarantee, you literally have no risk! 

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30 Days From Now,
Where Will You Be?
If you’re still reading this, then you know you want more out of your social life.

It’s time to stop sitting around, blaming your upbringing and wondering why you aren’t getting the results you want and deserve…

Instead, it’s time to take control and join the hundreds of people inside Charismatic Conversations who chose to live a better life.

Now I want the same for you.

It all starts by clicking the big red button below…

And I’ll see you on the inside!

AJ Harbinger
Creator of Charismatic Conversation
Founder of Art of Charm
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